About Daisy Devine’s Diaries

A little bit about me:
I started After Hour Diaries in March of 2015. Each week I write a review on (primarily) local bands to help engage people to support the scene. The biggest thing that sets me apart from others, is that I will NOT write anything negative about any one. I have a tremendous amount of respect for any artist willing to put themselves on the line for people to judge and therefore will not contribute to knocking them down. In October 2015 I began posting videos on my YouTube channel of the interviews bands agree to film, which I have only received positive feedback from thus far.

I am very passionate and dedicated to writing reviews that bands can feel excited about, and are proud to share. Through my words I aspire to make people fall in love with the musicians that I write about, the way that they make me fall in love with music. I write with honesty, conviction, and passion, putting my heart into everything- simply because that’s what the musicians do for their fans in the music, as well as every show. I am also the co host of an international radio show that showcases a lot of local music, and am starting a new live stream video segment bi-weekly where (after a brief introduction) I’ll film bands playing a 15 minute “sampler” sets for fans and potential venues/booking agents to get an idea of each bands sound.

Recently, I, myself have taken on music. I have been learning to play drums, and with a lot of hard work and practice I am happy to now be drumming for one of our local metal bands. I feel that I will gain a much better understanding of the work musicians put in, and believe I will ultimately become a better writer for it. Please, read for yourself and let me know what you think.



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