Last Sunday I went to “The Museum” for a KILLER line up: Picturesque, Get Scared, Like Moth’s to a Flame, and Bless the Fall- put on by Ryan Levey of Monumental Bookings, Levi Steverding of Octagon House Entertainment, and Steven Barclay of White Noise Productions. I was pleasantly surprised by the opening band, Picturesque. I had never heard them before- or heard of them, however they captured my attention. 

They presented a very energized set list of music you could describe as “Radio metal”- powerful and fast instrumental pieces, with a singer who puts every ounce of himself into the delivery of descriptive and emotional lyrics.

I had the pleasure of sitting down for an interview with 4 of the 5 from Lexington Kentucky after the INCREDIBLE show that night, and learn a bit more about them. To summarize:

At one point or another in rotation, each Q&A turned into a joke that usually went off into a tangent- these guys have pretty creative senses of humor! Despite an incredibly vast variety of musical influences and backgrounds, they have managed to create a very fluid sound for themselves that is quickly commanding attention, and deservingly so. How so?….

A perfect example would be there release “Monstrous Things” (my personal favorite), the chorus:

These monstrous things 

That we dream in our sleep

Are enough to strike fear
Into those who are weak
But we fight for our lives
Inside the minds of our own
Just waiting for the moment
When we return home”

….ummm, YES?! Those lyrics just stick with you, and subconsciously make you think. You question the meaning intended, and what it relates to in your own life. I have a great appreciation for music that can inspire and speak to your soul. I cannot possibly encourage you enough to check them out for yourselves- I certainly hope you feel compelled to support them, as I do- it takes a lot of dedication, work, talent, and sacrifice to achieve what they have- they certainly deserve it. 

Kyle Hollis-Vocalist

Zack Williamson-Guitar

Dylan Forester-Guitar

Robert Mote- Bass

And Cole Clark (not present)-Drums

Now, as for the rest of the show, I must say I continued to get blown away all night. I had been very eager to see this show and each band delivered the goods- amazing set lists and stage presence from each, which simulated great crowd interaction. The sound and stage were very well done, thanks to one of Spokane’s premier sound techs- Jeff Angel, as well as Jason Dempsey and Kenny Johnson for their tireless hard work and dedication. Ladies and Gentleman- we may have something big coming in Spokane show production…

That’s a wrap for this week Lovey’s- See you next week same time, same place! Below are Picturesques sites so you can check them out, listen to their music, and “like” them 🙂

Twitter: @picturesqueband

*Special thanks again to Picturesque for sitting down and talking with me


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