Today marks day #7 of the Walking Corpse Syndrome Mutilate tour 2016. Last night was an amazing show in Boise, ID- with some pretty incredible opening local bands. Bombs over Rome, and The Further not only played heavy sets that blended great with WCS, but they both stayed for the entire show and supported each other as well as WCS. Some local Corpse Walkers, Martin and Danielle- opened up their home for us as well as fed us, which was amazing!

Thus far we have had 7 people packed into a Ford excursion with an average of 6 hours daily drive time- often arriving at the next venue just in time to unpack the 14′ trailer full of gear and merch, and setting up. I’ve taken on the role of running merchandise while the band warms up and performs each night, but then it’s time to tear down, pack up, and load up once again.  Each member of our party has finally hit that shifting point where we are faster, know what to do, and know where stuff goes, as well as knowing protocol when we stop for gas, food etc..

Realistically, by now we should all be very sick of each other, grumpy, and burned out on the travel- but truthfully- that’s not the case. Despite being sardined together, we each respect each other’s space, pick up after ourselves (as well as each other) and laugh together each day. There’s open dialog amongst the group and no one being rude or condescending.

As we make the drive to Bend, OR I find myself getting a case of “the feels”, reflecting on how much I have learned, experienced, seen, done, people I’ve met, and how valued I have felt on this tour. Greg and Nocktis Frazer, Tana Starkey, Matthew Bile, Leif Winterrowd, and Steven Frerichs are a group of wonderful people who have accepted me in this journey, and whom, quite frankly, I’m truly going to miss after this weekend. There is so much more to say and share, but I’m going to save that for later, as we are about to stop and my bladder is screaming at me 🙂 see you tonight in Bend!


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