Concrete Grip

Many of you have heard of Concrete Grip- after all, not only have they been around for over 10 years, but they are one of the ONLY bands that can say that to this day they have the SAME lineup they originally started with! To celebrate their time together, this brutal foursome worked on finishing up their latest album: Architects of Havoc.  Not only did I have the privilege of hearing these guys at practice, but I was given the album early to listen to.
From start to finish is a musical battle (I would say journey, but that just isn’t metal enough). The entire track list flows together, easily transitioning between the faster up tempo songs, and the bass/tom heavier songs that pulse through your chest cavity. Bill Hempel provides the band with vocals that are deep and growly, as well as very nicely contrasting clean singing that really puts some extra impact on those emphasised lyrics. Writing and playing guitar pieces that almost act as back up vocals at times; is guitarist Eric Willis (who DOES also sing back up vocals). Next we have the rhythm- Cam Bowers on Bass and Dan Willis on Drums/percussion.

These for talented and dedicated musicians shared with me why they keep going after 10 years together- because they LOVE what they are doing, and they love setting an example and inspiring the next generation of musicians. Their CD release party is coming up this Friday, June 10th at the Palomino at 8pm; along with special guests Children of The Sun, Gentleman’s War and soblivious. Don’t miss it, and buy yourself that new album- is REALLY well done.

On that note Lovey’s, I have to get back to road (next stop on the tour is Salt Lake City) but I’ll be back again soon!




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