Walking Corpse Syndrome: The Mutilate Tour 2016

Hey! GUESS WHAT?! It’s day one of Walking Corpse Syndrome’s Mutilate tour; 8 shows in 9 days spread out through 6 states, and they were awesome enough to invite me along to document this incredible journey! I’m excited (and honored) for the privilege of sharing first hand what being on the road truly entails.  I encourage you all to join us while I share exclusive stories, photos, and videos day by day. Each city will bring a new crowd, different atmosphere, and the chance to connect with our fellow Metal-heads across the nation- so are YOU ready? I certainly am!

Tonight we kick off in Billings, MT at the Railyard’s annual two day music festival- Juicefest.  In the few short hours since we arrived, we have already seen talented performances ranging from Metal, Rap, a hip hop Dj, and an acoustic singer/song writer…I’m pretty intrigued to see what presents itself in the hours to come! WCS takes the stage at midnight,  and I’ll be video streaming LIVE on the After Hour Diaries Facebook page, so come join us!



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