After Hour Diaries presents: LIVE From the jam space


A couple of days ago, I was very randomly introduced to a local band that’s still in “formation” stages- however, after having the pleasure of listening to the drummer and guitarist/vocalist play though an almost hour-long set- (more on that in another review) I was not only impressed, but inspired.

I wanted to record what they were playing- but then I thought: “live stream feed on face book!”…. Then I thought about it a bit more. So here’s what I came up with- I am going to organize a bi-weekly event where I will do a live stream video segment (about 20 mins in length) straight from the practice location for a different local band each time. I will spend the first couple of minutes introducing myself and the band, followed by the band playing a mini ” sample set”. The great thing about this, is that Facebook automatically saves live stream feeds on your profile, meaning that people can go back and watch the video at a later time.

The entire basis for this whole idea, is that fans, venues, or whomever, can prospectively check out the different local musicians, and get a good idea of what each one brings for sound, style, etc.. It’s one thing to read about the bands through my reviews, but it’s a different element entirely to actually get to watch them for yourselves. My goal is to begin the live segment mid-late next week. I will make the official announcement in next weeks After Hour Diaries post, and remember- if you are not able to tune in LIVE with us, please make sure you check my Facebook page when you can!

That’s a wrap for this week Lovey’s- make sure to check out regularly for updated events and announcements, also look me up as Daisy Rebecca Devine on Facebook to subscribe to LIVE feeds I post. See you next week, same time, same place! Goodnight Lovey’s 😉


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