Bleed The Stone

There’s nothing quite like seeing or hearing a band for the first time, especially if they surprise you from the first song. For me, Tacoma locals Bleed The Stone, did exactly that. I still very vividly remember Angi Terry pulling her phone out while we were visiting after a concert and saying “Dude, you HAVE to hear these guys! You’re gonna fucking LOVE them, they are SO good!”  Before we were even 30 seconds in to the first song “The Moment”- I was completely sold.

This past Friday night Bleed The Stone, joined the bill with Thunderknife, Children of the Sun, Catalyst, and Sin Circus at The Palamino. For the second time, they completely stunned me. We’ve all been told not to judge a book by it’s cover, but my jaw down right hit the FLOOR when I saw these young guys take the stage. Michael Stone Beck being pretty average height and build, hit the mic with so much power and presence I would have expected him to be a giant!

I told the boys when we sat down for an interview- they were equally impressive with their live performance as they were on their recorded songs. I KNOW I’m not the only one who was impressed. Several other local musicians were soon after proudly wearing Bleed The Stone shirts and telling people about this band from Tacoma.

Michael Stone Beck(vox), Garrett Velzy (drums), and Andrew Foster (vox, guitar) are three long standing members of BTS, and eagerly took the time to share a little bit about the ideas behind the bands with me after the show.  Having a wide range of musical influence and history, Andrew explained that he adopted a philosophy from Maynard about musical exposure, saying “you don’t have to listen to or make just ONE kind of music.” People grow and adapt, so should music. So what do they want to achieve? Well, Michael simply answers “I want people to walk away from our music feeling energized. It’s all about making people feel SOMETHING. If you can’t make people feel something, then you’re not doing it right.”

Despite events outside of their control happening, and causing a temporary hiatus with some member, BTS was blessed with some very loyal and supportive musicians to fill in and keep this band going strong. Eric Weber (bass), and Tyler Westerbeck (guitar) have taken on the roles and with all the talent, passion, and enthusiasm as those they are substituting for. Incredible musicians, and people- find Bleed The Stone on fb and ReverbNation and show them some support, they’ve certainly earned it.

That’s a wrap for this week Lovey’s, until next week- same time, same place!


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