Play With Fire

Do you have Daddy Issues, or a Loaded Gun? Well these guys do, and it sounds great! Play With Fire is a Punk Rock band based out of Wenatchee, WA- and I had the privilege of sitting down with them for an interview this last week.  As we sat in Hydro Park, I was graced with an awesome acoustic set of their songs (including Daddy Issues and Loaded Gun) and I was not only inspired, but I was drawn in. As Justin (lead vox and guitar) sang lyrics about damaged girls with a fucked up life, sobriety, and finding love, life, and trouble- I was swept away into a beautifully tragic story line that didn’t end.


THAT is music. Justin, his brother Trevor, and their friend Luke are the current members,  (they recently lost their drummer and are in the process of filling the position) and were happy to tell me all about their music, inspirations, and share stories from the life on the road. It was entertaining to say the least!  But laughter aside, the emotion put into Play With Fires music is SO raw, deep, and powerful- I feel compelled to urge you to give it a listen.

On their ReverbNation profile, you will hear their catchy and upbeat rhythm- captivating the very ideals that make punk rock so addicting to begin with. Strong instrumentals that incline the body to move around, and the listener to feel each beat coursing through them. On their soundcloud demo song “Gates of Hell”, you are taken to a different place entirely; one that’s much darker but very powerful in its own right. I personally found every song to be relatable, and addicting. I am thrilled that I’ve had the opportunity to encounter Play With Fire, and I am happy to say that with thier new drummer in tow, they will soon be ready to return to the stage- including the ones in Spokane.


That’s a wrap for this week Lovey’s- I’ll be back next week, same time and place!


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