wp-1463432156380.jpgWhen you set out to see a band like Benign, you don’t exactly expect to hear about puppies and kittens, or songs about your high school sweet heart…. You DO, however expect a verbal battering, accompanied by instrumentals so heavy that it literally PUSHES against your entire body. I honestly don’t know for sure what they classify themselves as, but i would say post-hardcore-heavy-death-progressive-jazz-metal could be one way.  Why? I’ll begin that answer with a quote from front man, Kyle: “Music is a release… From stuff that builds up that you can’t get out normally. You can’t just fucking talk to people, you have to scream it at them.. Beat it into them, because it’s not just something that affects YOU, it effects all of them.”
Benign consists of 5, down to earth, hard working men who all carry a similar mind set- boundaries and barriers must be broken to achieve new levels of creativity, the darkest and most evil part of yourself must be laid out for all to see, and comfort zones can not exist. With influences from
Mike Patton, Devin Townson, and Lamb of God, is not hard to see where they draw inspiration to be different.
When I asked about their musical influences, Kyle also
pointed out that Jazz started a musical revolution as far as opening the way for a darker subject matter. From there, everything progressed, as well as delving a lot darker and deeper in exposing true humanity.

So how can I say these guys are down to earth when they put so much emphasis on a very negative focal point? Simple. I asked “What image do you try to convey to your audience, and why that image?” And without hesitation, guitarist Jason said:
“Humility…The difference between a good musician, and a really really good musician is honestly just their attitude.”
Going on to elaborate how important it is to be able to connect with your audience and maintain yourself.
What an amazing group of musicians. I would very much like to thank Adam, Kyle, Jason, Nic, and Greg for taking the time to sit with me for an interview, and for a wonderful night of laughter after a phenomenal performance.

That’s a wrap for this week Lovey’s- I’ll be in Wenatchee over the next couple weeks to begin expanding After Hour Diaries in the Inland Northwest- so get ready for some new names and highlights 🙂


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