Street Teams

So tonight I want to look at another area behind the scenes.  After a show is booked, how does the public know? Radio ads? Television? Well, sure- for national touring acts perhaps, but in more local cases that just isn’t feesable. In most cases, someone creates a Facebook event and begins inviting people to attend, this is where a street team comes into play.

A street team is a designated group of people who distribute and post fliers for the shows, build up anticipation for the shows by taking to people about the artists playing, and motivating others to spread the word. They also may be in charge of ticket sales and distribution. Promoters (The people who are responsible for booking the shows, and sometimes even representing one or more of the bands playing) have an astonishing amount of work to do on their end already, and generally are not able to break away from that to also hit the streets.

In a big way, Street teams are much like an advertising agency- they know who to market to, who will find each show appealing. What’s my favorite part about Street teams? That they put in the work, time, and effort simply for the love of the music! Even without receiving and financial compensation, they happily create buzz for local shows at intimate venues so that others will support the musicians and the scene we love so much.

So there you have it, another aspect that isn’t always thought of, but is still incredibly vital for out cultural perseverance. Well, that’s a wrap for this week Lovey’s, but I’ll be back next week, same time and place! Don’t forget to tune in to Radio Spungo  Wednesday April 20th from 11am-2pm Pacific time for our next debauchery “snap, Spungo & pop”, and there’s still time to submit your entry’s for “challenge Miss Daisy”. Goodnight Lovey’s!


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