State To State

So last Tuesday, for whatever reason- I was just in a foul mood. I wasn’t satisfied with my drumming at practice, and nothing sounded appealing. I completely lacked motivation to write or even socialize… I decided to head to the Viking anyways to meet up with some friends and greet a band that came from LA to play the Palamino the following night. I ended up being the first there, and just in time to meet the guys from State To State. I gotta say, within 10-15 minutes I had forgotten my bad mood and was captivated by fascinating conversation and good company.


The following evening at the show I was mesmerized by the very soothing and beautiful music that I was experiencing. I was blindsided by what came out of those gentlemen- the harmony, stage presence, the crisp sound of the snare drum… And all of so tight and in sync with each other! I couldn’t wait to interview them after the set.


Shea (vox, guitar), Feudor (#mailorderdrummer), Patrick (Bass, vox), and Andrew (guitar, vox) took me by surprise, yet AGAIN when they asked if they could also video our interview- that was a first for me! Anyways down to the juicy stuff… These four are not only funny, kind, and humble- but the knowledge they each share regarding music (various styles and genres, excelling at your instrument, versatility, etc…) was incredible to listen to. Feudor shared: “Learn things from every genre and then you can crystallize your own style- you can play pop music with heavy metal energy for example, but in the right proportions.”
When I asked what they would like to convey to their audience, Shea gave a beautiful answer:
“Sincerity. Can you drive 10,000 miles to play a show in front of 10 people and still have a good time? You have to get satisfaction from it and if you don’t you’re in for the wrong reasons.”
*Some of you may already know this about me, but my favorite thing to experience is watching/listening to people talk about what they are passionate about. Nothing quite compares to the way their eyes light up and they get a smile that makes their entire face glow- it’s a very raw and beautiful experience…* From start to finish, my time with State to State WAS an experience. It is almost otherworldly to watch art unfold all around you when musicians collaborate with fellow musicians they don’t even know and just build on each other’s strengths. 


Seriously, PLEASE check these guys out.
I hope you find yourself transported to a blissful state of being, just as I was. Much appreciation to Patrick, Feudor, Andrew, and Shea for not only traveling from LA to play for us, for taking the time to sit and interview with me, for the shared thoughts and advice, but also for the many enjoyable moments and laughs we shared! VERY much looking forward to your return.
That’s a wrap for this week’s entry Lovey’s, I’ll be back next week same time and place! In the meantime, be sure to visit for pictures, and links to other projects 🙂



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