St. Paddy’s Day @the Viking


It is certainly no surprise, the Viking did it again! The annual St. Paddy’s day “Pitch-a-tent” outdoor music festival this Saturday was amazing! Green beer, beads, silly green clothes and hats, music and friendly smiling faces everywhere you turn- I didn’t see anyone that didn’t enjoy themselves. Before I get into the recap I would like to say to Steven, Krista, and the rest of the Viking staff: once again you all did an amazing job for this event! You guys were above and beyond SLAMMED, complete chaos for you yet bathrooms were maintained well (never out of stock for long at all), lines it the door ALL day but still moved steadily along, amazing food as fast as you could make it- and most noteworthy is that despite impatient and sometimes rude customers you all remained friendly and smiling! Thank YOU for organizing this fabulous event for all of us to enjoy!

So the incredible line up was as follows:

Drop Off
Van Eps
Angus Scott Pipe Band
Breakdown Blvd
Free The Jester
Death By Pirates
Elephant Gun Riot
Nixon Rodeo
Closing song with all bands

Then indoors closing performances by:
The Bight
Children Of The Sun

I am sad to say I wasnt able to arrive until Breakdown Blvd, but I WAS able to catch Thunderhound through their live stream- face meltingly awesome as always! But I was also impressed with all the outdoor performers I saw. This was my first time seeing Breakdown Blvd, and I certainly hope it isn’t the last! Great energy and crowd work from FTJ, Death By Pirates treated us with a new song with guest singer Ethan Harrison from Nixon Rodeo as well as stopping mid song to stop a rowdy concert goer from disrupting with inappropriate behavior! Thank you Ruben for taking a stand for our well being, that was much appreciated.

We continued with more great music and theatrics from EGR, and crowd participation from Nixon Rodeo, a free style that included FTJ’s Willy Woo Styx and more, then closed with a finale inviting all the bands back on stage for a huge performance of The Offspring’s The Kids Aren’t Alright.
I was actually able to record the finally whilst sitting on the shoulders of Thunderknife drummer David Darkos shoulders- you can watch by clicking the link below 🙂

The large crowd began to pack inside for the remaining two bands and quickly reached capacity- with me outside still. I was very sad that I wasnt able to see these sets, however I heard great feedback! Thus concludes yet another entry of an exciting show in our local powerhouse of a scene- I’ll be back next week Lovey’s, same time and place! Don’t forget to buy your tickets for Thunderknife FIRST cd release party, at the Palamino this Friday March 18th with special guests Walking Corpse Syndrome, Ripchain, Concrete Grip and Project X! Tickets are $5, just hit up any Thunderknife member or myself.



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