This week I want to talk about something different, I want to touch on the subject of respect. Recently, I have noticed tension building throughout our musical community, so I’m choosing to address it. One thing I have noticed is that bands and musicians are being disrespected in a big way. Rather than being shown support and interest, they are being treated more as public servants rather than artists. This in itself infuriates me to no end. Each one of these people are dedicated, and put their Blood Sweat and Tears into their music. Why? Not just for themselves, but for their fans. At no point is it acceptable for anyone to disregard this for their own personal gain. We are a community. We thrive by supporting each other, working together, and treating everyone else with respect and dignity.

I also would like to point out that each one of these musicians have a day job, they are all under great stress and pressed for time. Between jobs, family time, band practice, and shows- there isn’t a whole lot of time to relax. Now I have only been on the scene for a year, when I came in no one had a clue who I was, they had never heard of me before. However, I made an effort to treat everybody with the utmost respect, and at every show I attended, being there was gift- not a right. I strongly believe that that is exactly why I was accepted so lovingly and readily by the incredible people in the scene. I continue to do this today, because how I present myself isn’t an act, but comes from the heart. So, my advice to anyone trying to involve themselves in the musical community: Respect will get you a long way. Understand that if you work around THIER schedules, it will be noticed and you will be rewarded with thier time and effort, along with respect in return.

Thus ends my soap box and wraps up this week’s entry Lovey’s. I’ll be back next week, same time and place!



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