Ding Dang hosts Thunderknife, Desolate of Destruction, Six Gun Quota


This last Saturday, the 20th, I accompanied Thunderknife, as well as a member of Children of the Sun and Glaciers of Ember to Moses Lake for a show at the Ding Dang. Never having been to this venue before, I had NO IDEA what I was about to walk into… There, in the middle of a field was what looked like a barn with a bon fire going in the back, a simple sign that said ‘show’ marking the driveway. After pulling up we were almost immediately greeted by the owner, Justin, who showed us around and began introducing us to the few people already there. Looking around the walls inside this place was everything you’d expect to find in some sort of club house: signs, posters, mannequins, and flags… This place was pretty damn incredible!


I sat down briefly with Justin before the show to find out a bit more about Ding Dang. Turns out, this place has a pretty neat history. In the late 90’s the building was actually a music store called John’s Guitars, where Justin actually bought a lot of equipment from over the years- so when he drove by 3 years ago to discover it run down and empty, he had to save it. The previous owner, John, was the sort of man that if a kid walked in and wanted a guitar but couldn’t afford it, he would make sure they walked out with it anyways. In honor of John, Justin spent the next year cleaning and restoring this place, and opening it’s doors as Ding Dang, a comfortable, casual and fun venue cared for by hospitable, genuinely kind music Lovers.


From their first show in October 2014 with The Walking Corpse Syndrome till now, they have provided a hassle free all ages environment where the metal scene is able to congregate, and share in great music, laughter, and head banging +circle pits without disruption. We were able to be a part of a spectacular show with 3 incredibly talented bands, surrounded by true music Lovers and supporters.. We all just instantly fell in love with this place and the people.




I am not only eager to return and see our extended music family again, but hopeful to have an opportunity to perform here someday as well! That’s a wrap for this week Lovey’s, but I will be posting photos and videos from the show, along with a few highlights from the evenings festivities. See you next week, same time, same place!



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