Punks in Drublic

The fondest highlights of my youth are the warm summer nights in downtown Spokane, and the smell that filled my nose when I walked into the Mercury Café for an all ages show- with the thin green carpet that lined the floor, stale cigarette smoke filling the air… These are memories that can not be replaced, or duplicated.  The Mercury went on to be the Hop- a corner stone in the scene we know today. What’s my point? Simply this: music isn’t just about the biggest hits on the radio, making money, and being famous. Music, REAL music, grabs a hold of your entire psyche, transporting you to any point in your life in the blink of an eye- it can remove you from any state of mind and take you to a whole different one, it flows through your veins, captivates you, and creates a unique bond between you and everyone else living in that moment.

The early 2000’s were a time when punk rock music and underground shows were celebrated, embraced. One of my favorite bands at the time were called World Exempt. My neighbor across the street (who also happened to be my hugest crush) was the drummer. I’ll never forget how untouchable I felt listening to their CD for hours, singing along and feeling like I was a part of something great. That’s something no one can ever take away from me. As the scene has changed and grown, a lot of what I hold dear about it has faded away, changed. But not anymore! There are a few bands that are trying to bridge that gap today and the one I’m going to talk about tonight, is Punks in Drublic.

This is a punk rock cover band dedicated to paying tribute to the greatest songs of that era. Playing things my generation can remember, picking us up and throwing us back in time while simultaneously grabbing the younger generation and giving them a taste of something new. Music that can actually transcend the generation gap and bring us all to a place of elation together.

What’s funny here, is that front man for Punks in Drublic, Brent Forsyth, happens to be the front man for the former band that captivated me all those years ago- World Exempt. When I asked Brent, along with the other members: Braedon Clark, Gary Gwinn, and Shawn Fortney what they wanted everyone to know about Punks in Drublic, they all said pretty much the same thing- “We want to introduce people to real punk rock… show the younger crowd something new to them, and make them want more…” And “Punk rock is NOT dead, and we’re bringing it back.”

No, punk rock most certainly is not dead, and with this foursome making it their mission to bring it back to the scene, well… I just hope they can make you fall in love with the scene as we have. Visit their page, and check them out on the 13th for a free all ages show 6pm at Rated R tattoo- you won’t regret it.



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