Outcold vol 3

Out cold was something completely new to me, so I had no idea what to expect when I attended vol.3 on Saturday- as many of you may have noticed when I showed up in a dress! That was just silly… Wardrobe aside, the entire day was absolutely amazing! Things kicked off at 1 p.m. with my favorite Tri Cities band, Volcanoes on the Sun followed by Banish the Echo, Driven in Waves, Beyond Today, Death by Pirates, December in Red, Invasive, Elephant Gun Riot, The Nixon Rodeo, Death Valley High, and Orgy- with an indoor performance from The Broken Thumbs to cap off the mind-blowing lineup.

This was my first time seeing six of those bands in person, and I was definitely not disappointed. This was my third music fest at the Viking and once again I have to state that I am not only impressed, but grateful to Steven Barclay and the rest of the Viking staff for hosting such an amazing event. Spokane is very fortunate to have a venue that cares so much about the local scene, their clientele, and music in general. Every detail down to the VIP passes were very well thought out and planned. Everything had a personal touch to it, which gave the entire experience that much more of a memorable impact. Also, for a donation to be made to FuckCancer in honor of Meghan Johnson- THAT is genuine love and support for our scene on a very personal and real level. So now, before I get all sappy about that-let’s talk about the performances.

Volcanoes On the Sun set the pace for the whole show as the openers by bringing high energy and excitement to their set. The Banish Boys continued this, and upon bringing the guest of honor Meghan on stage to sing with them, the entire vibe shifted to a more intimate connection that could be felt anywhere in the audience. The mood again sifted to a high energy with the performances from Driven in Waves, and Beyond Today with their harder musical stylings.  Death By Pirates (at least for me) brought a nostalgic feel with their set- reminding us that punk rock is not dead. December In Red gave a performance that had a very dark, mysterious quality which I found to be captivating.

The last half of the show brought 3 bands that Spokane is very firmilliar with- Invasive, Elephant Gun Riot, and The Nixon Rodeo, performing songs we know by heart, as well some new and exciting sounds. Nixon also brought Meghan up to sing a song with them, which brought a tear to many eyes. Death Valley High and the much anticipated band Orgy had everyone jumping around dancing and cheering, and Orgy packed such a punch that they lost power-TWICE, within the first two songs! It was AWESOME. My boys The Broken Thumbs gave an awesome finish to an all around indescribable day with thier moving melodies that have a tendency to grab hold of the listener and never let go.

To all who were unable to attend- you missed one hell of a party! To all who were there- thank you for being a part of such an incredible experience. That’s a wrap for this week Lovey’s, see you next week, same time and place!



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