Just before Halloween, then again at Nightmare before Christmas I saw this band… To start, I’ll say this- Coldblooded is not what you would expect a hard core metal band to be in person. They were all super nice and easy going… Until we talked about their music. One of the questions I ask when I interview is: “what do you want the audience to walk away from your show feeling?”, they gave me the best answer by far. Their response was: “We want people to be scared, to walk away feeling like they just got punched in the face- and wondering what’s wrong with us.” Well… It’s honest. I like it!

  So that begs the question- did I feel like I was just assaulted after watching them? A little bit, honestly. Their music, even down to their covers where brutal. Violent thrash metal- perfect for unwinding after a hard day with a bubble bath and glass of wine, or during a construction demolition…. You know, whatever. >_<

But seriously though- they are incredibly energizing and entrancing. They bring together a variety of backgrounds that they seamlessly stitch together to grasp and hold your attention for the duration of their set. Be it the haunting intros in Firestarter or Bloodlust, or the songs that immediately start off at mach 10, like All Black Everything- you have absolutely only TWO choices: accept the shot of adrenaline straight to the veins, or run the fuck away. Personally, I chose to embrace the "beating" and I had a great time watching them, and will most definatly be seeing them again. I also want to say that these gentlemen have been an absolute pleasure to work with and interview. Their hearts are in a great place and I would like to thank them for the opportunity.

That's a wrap for this week Lovey's- I'll be back next week, same time same place! Don't forget to tune into radio Spungo later (11am-2pm Pacific time) for Jani and Daisy's "united in color"! I'm certain it will be yet another episode full of fuckery- AND or first broadcast of the new year, I can't wait!



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