Whisper to a Roar

First of all, Happy New Year Lovey’s!!  This week is a very special After Hour Diaries entry because I get to share a unique experience with you. Thursday night kicked off not only the new year, but a three day mini tour for Thunderknife and Blame Shifter- and I had the privilege of joining them! Friday afternoon I packed into a Volkswagen Golf with Blame Shifters front man Pauly and we headed to Seattle to meet up with everyone else at the Victory Lounge for the official whisper to a roar mini tour.

Both bands put on a KILLER show Friday night, especially considering Thunderknife had a last minute replacement drummer filling in. We were all well recieved at the Victory Lounge. Animaldog opened  and Waking Things closed,
and afterwards we made the long treck down to Vancouver. We arrived at Angie’s (Thunderknife bassist) sisters at about 4:30 am and passed out shortly after. Woke up bright and early Saturday afternoon around 2pm… Lol.   A lovely steak dinner was prepared for us and I saved Pauly from choking to death.. Then it was off to Donnell’s for the next show!

Thunderknife opened, sounding even more on point then they have in past performances. They had a strong set list, personable and witty commentary, and were very enthusiastic. When they finished the set, we were all witnesses to a surprise wedding- followed by Blame Shifters equally enthusiastic performance. This is another local band with an amazing collaboration of talented musicians with very in depth backgrounds, so if you haven’t heard then yet, take the time to do so. The last band of the night was Seattle’s own: Blumeadows.

The three gentleman in Blumeadows bring a very eclectic and upbeat vibe- not only to their original music, but the covers they play as well. The entire population of Donnell’s that night were all up and dancing until the extended set came to a conclusion after 1am. I can’t speak highly enough of the performing bands during this mini tour- Thunderknife, Blame Shifter, Blumeadows, Animaldog, and Waking Things- all were a privilege to work with and watch perform!  I have lots of little videos and pictures from the trip to share with you, it was a good time!

Alright, that’s a wrap for this week Lovey’s! I’ll be back next week, same time- same place!Be sure to tune in for Spungo International Radio’s first broadcast of the year on the 13th from 11am-2pm- where I will be making a special announcement, and some surprise guests! Until then, be safe!



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