Volcanoes On The Sun

Have you ever heard the expression “sometimes delayed gratification is better”? Well THIS is one of those occasions. I’m calling a throwback Tuesday all the way back to November (I know, a WHOLE month!) to the Thanksgiving Throwdown pre funk at the Viking. A little three piece band from my old sister city of Pasco WA called Volcanoes On The Sun. Now, during that two day span we heard Free The Jester, 37 Street Signs, and the unforgettable debut of Punks in Drublic-and Volcanoes On the Sun fit right in that group with their punk/grunge style (Yes there were many other phenomenal bands that played, but I was only listing the ones with that specific style) with a bit of a rock twist.

Their music was upbeat, fun to listen to as well as see performed, and these three men had great energy and really just FIT with the atmosphere and our scene that night at the Viking. I guess that is to say, they made an impression. So after the show, I invited them along for some pool and karaoke at PJ’s pub and got the chance to learn so much more about them.

We talked about their local scene and what they’ve been doing to revitalize it. We also talked in Great lengths about the approach they took before even stepping foot into their scene- their preparation, determination, and the impact they wanted to make. I was incredibly impressed by how much work they put into everything they did, having an operational website up online, having a set list, knowing there instruments, and all before they even presented themselves as a band.

As brothers Peter (guitar/vox) and Andrew (drums) Salazar were playing pool and singing karaoke, Bassist Michael Madrigal explained to me that they wanted to appear professional and be taken seriously, so he put his education and background in technical knowledge and applied it in building an amazing and very professional website for themselves. On top of presenting themselves as a legitimate band, they also completely manage themselves. Doing all the venue research and scouting for booking shows, promoting themselves, handling travel and equipment- with only the determination and motivation of themselves.

All three men being self taught in their perspective instruments, along with being so young of musicians and having a very small scene to look to and learn from, shows more than anything just how passionate and serious these gentlemen are about music. The next night, during the Thanksgiving throwdown my friend/editor Cass and I were able to pull these three gentleman aside for a video interview in the kitchen of the Palamino. Unfortunately due to time constraints, scheduling, etc.., the video was not able to be fine tuned as much as I had wanted it to be before presenting it, however, Justin took the liberty of filming it as well as posting it on YouTube for me so that I may share the link with you (despite having extensive school/work responsibilities to juggle, so a HUGE thank you to him for still making time to help me out!)

Alright Lovey’s- that’s a wrap for this week’s review! The interview link is below, and don’t forget to tune in tomorrow at 11 a.m. Pacific time for Spungo internationals Spungmare before Christmas special: guest starring Angie Terry and Jennstar! Jani and I have prepared quite a show for you, you don’t want to miss it. Have a wonderful Christmas and I’ll see you next week! Goodnight loveys!



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