Black Sabbitch

If you like bad ass rocker bitches, and Black Sabbath- then why not Black Sabbitch? Weeeeelllll, I can’t tell you why not. I can only tell you why; because they are powerful, energetic, and they own whatever stage they take. I had the pleasure of meeting the foursome after they played the Big Dipper last week, and it was a very impressive set. My girl from Spokane Rock 509 got in touch with me and asked if I could interview them in her place- there was NO way I could turn down the honor!

These beautiful and rather intimidating women hail from LA, paying tribute to the great Black Sabbath all over the country, and I was fascinated from the moment they took stage. Their 20 years of friendship certainly came through with their non verbal cues to one another- be it facial expressions or body language- I was paying close attention to it all.  I watched front woman Aimee as she made several random and entertaining facial expressions to guitarist Blare, seemingly to communicate that energy was about to rise, and without missing a beat, the energy rose. Angie had the majority of my focus on drums, however, as I am learning how to play and completely captivated with the instrument- which I must say, her stamina was astounding! Melanie and Blare are by no means short either- both playing with complete confidence… All four genuinely performed as though they wrote the material themselves- as any tribute band should! Learn more about the four women that made Spokane their bitch for the night by watching the video interview- and learn what a penguin in a sombrero has to say to these lovely ladies 😉
That’s a wrap for this week Lovey’s- be here next week to learn about my encounter with 3 boys from Pasco!



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