Accompanying the fierce windstorm that hit our fair Spokane last week, was blackouts. While Avista works diligently to restore electricity, many have been told to expect another 1-2 weeks before all is fixed. This has undoubtedly caused a great deal of hardship for many families through out our area, and unfortunately it’s taken its toll in devastating ways. Over the past few weeks we have seen many posts hit our news feeds, with news that we have lost another brother or sister from our community, from our family.

As I did not have the pleasure of personally knowing any of those who have recently passed, the impact that hits ME, is seeing the heart ache, and confused devastation  experienced by those who DID know them. With everything surrounding us turning to chaos lately, it’s easy to understand how many are not really in the holiday spirit- much less feeling thankful right now… so with Thanksgiving being just two days away, I would like to focus on some of the things that we really do have to be grateful for.

Tonight the Viking hosted the “pre funk” for tomorrow’s Thanksgiving Throwdown at the Palamino. There has been a lot of planning, organizing, and hard work put into this two day event, including two bands that traveled quite a distance to perform TONIGHT. We had Unconfined from Lewiston, and Volcanoes On the Sun from Pasco; it speaks volumes about these musicians that they were willing to make that journey to play a very small show at a local bar the night BEFORE. I am both impressed, and honored that we have musicians that dedicated in the inland Northwest.  THAT is something very valuable to be grateful for, coinsideing with the drive and dedication of the musicians who pieced this together one step at a time until they built a night for us to enjoy together as a community. What better way to show our gratitude and respect, than to join together and THROWDOWN?! Our community has suffered a great deal, so let’s take some comfort and strengthen together, regroup and recover. Goodnight Lovey’s, I hope to see you all tomorrow night- but if not, same place and time next week. 💝



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