Walking Corpse Syndrome


For 36 weeks now, I have showcased various aspects of our local music scene and artists passionately, and genuinely. Each week, I am determined to find who I want to interview and review based on what I feel; how their musical influence speaks to me. From week one up until now, many aspects of After Hour Diaries have changed, grown, and improved. However, one fact remains, and that’s the heart that provides the foundation for After Hour Diaries. As soon as a band captivates my attention, I try to set up an interview. Through the interview process I am able to learn exactly what makes them tick, their driving force. After that, I know whether or not I will review them, as I will only write my posts about bands that are genuine and have a passion for music through and through- that appreciate their fans, and have humility. This week is no exception! I had the opportunity to sit down with Walking Corpse Syndrome and was lucky enough to have the interview recorded (which I have edited and posted on YouTube), and these guys legitimately represent everything that I do involving music. Their heart is with the fans, supporting the other other bands, and the music scene as a whole. I fell in love instantly.

When you watch the video, you will see for yourself just how inspiring this talented group of musicians really is. There’s not much that I can add to that, since they speak for themselves, however I will emphasize that they have my backing 100 percent and I am eager to watch them perform again.

The stage show, oh the stage show… so much energy and life, it was captivating. With TWO drummers and guitarists its hard to peel your eyes and ears away, it really is incredible to watch first hand. But again, I digress, their performance really speaks for itself. What I want to bring light, however, is how genuine they are. I want to express how much they really care about their fans and the connection they share with them, as well as how deeply involved and supportive they are of fellow musicians.

Friday the 13th was when they played at the pin and I was there working merch for Thunderknife. I was able to see first and that each member of the band throughout the show stayed with their own merch booth, talked with their fans, and moshed in the crowd. I honestly had no idea that they were IN a band until they stepped on stage- because they were involved with the rest of crowd. It was beautiful. So do yourselves a favor- check them out, and watch the interview! Personally, I have to recommend their video for “Angel Flesh”. I was blown away by the amazing visuals; the best way I could describe it as is stop motion anime, but without the anime. Absolutely incredible.

Alright Lovey’s, that’s a wrap for this week! See you next week, same time and place!

*Special thanks to Aaron Torres for filming and photography; Angi Terry & Go Heart Promotions for recommending and setting up the interview, and Walking Corpse Syndrome for the time and insight.


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