Who DOES that??

The place is packed, chatter provides a dull roar throughout the venue, then the lights dim, everyone falls silent for a brief moment before erupting into loud cheers and applause … It’s show time. All you had to worry about up until this point, was acquiring the stub and show up to the venue, then BOOM! Instant gratification.  Sooo, how did everything come together? Well, I’ve been paying attention to all the behind the scenes stuff for a while now, so tonight, I’m going to tell you. 🙂

First, the promoters books the bands and the venues, as well as set the date for the concert. Then comes the advertising to promote the show, and distribution, followed by ticket print and sales.. When show day approaches, there is a team of people that are in charge of band load in, equipment set up, the lighting, the audio, and making sure that everything runs smoothly and on time inside of the venue. Meanwhile, there are people stationed at the doors for security and collecting tickets, admissions, and checking IDs, followed by the merchandise booths.

If you have ever been to a show personally, then you’ve likely seen numerous security guards posted throughout venues to help with crowd control, and blocking off the stage and curtained areas. On the other side of those curtains you’ll find the people that are running the sound, helping with load in and load out during band changes, as well as various management staffing to oversee all the technical production. Wow, when you break it down there’s a LOT of people involved in what we as the audience generally view as just a night of entertainment.

So there you have it love you’s promise you’re inside look into backstage and everything we doing after the show, now for some announcements! This weekend on the 14th is the highly anticipated Invasive show with Drone Epidemic, Children of Atom, and The Broken Thumbs at the Knit. During the show Nightlife Network magazine will be filming the audience for an upcoming project they are making, so be sure to be cheering loudly, wear your support gear, and if you don’t have any- buy some at the merch booths! Most importantly though, BE THERE 😀  Lastly, we are scheduled to bring you the next installment of hilariousness and chaos from Spungo International Radio in just a week! We’ll be on the air the 18th- so be sure to tune in for The Full Mashin’. That’s a wrap for this week Lovey’s, see you next week- same time, same place!



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