I’ve thought about it for days now, with so many options this week- who am I going to review? Well, shit! I keep landing in the same place.. I’ve been watching them for a while now, months actually.. And you know, when it comes right down to it, I’m fucking impressed.  This group has been steadily going for over 10 years, never giving up, never giving in. After years of trying to get on the bill, they FINALLY landed a slot on GA’s Too Broke To Trick-or-treat- and they fucking BROUGHT it. I can’t deny the quality of the show, the set list, note the theatrics- choosing to release their new music video for Rage and Ruin DURING the concert before taking the stage- well played, Soblivios, well played.

The energy was high, the crowd was enthralled, even the staff at the Knit was impressed… Date I say, come back? Tho that wouldn’t be accurate since they have never stopped or went away- maybe a better statement would be “revitalized”. However you want to describe it, one thing is undeniable- they got Spokane where it counts and left them craving more. I can humbly admit, I was speechless. I look forward to seeing what’s next in line from Jason Shoemaker, Ronnie Swindle, Aaron Geoff and Joel Prophet.

That’s a wrap for this week Lovey’s, see you next week same time and place! Don’t forget to tune in on the 18th for the next round of Spungo International!



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