Band of Psychos

Before I begin I need to give a very very huge shout out and thank you to Justin from the Knitting Factory Spokane, for making this all possible.

When you hear the name Band of Psychos, what do you think of? What genre? Local group? Regional group?  You may be surprised, but: most of the above. The Band of Psychos consists of three members primarily- bassist David Pastorius, guitar and back up vocals Tyler Lyon, and wild card Drummer Ali Warren aka: Alien Warr. These three multi-talented musicians tour our country (not to mention, the globe!) performing the music LIVE for Tech N9ne, Krizz Kaliko, and Strange Music. October 20th in our fair city, Tech’s Special Effects 2.0 Tour graced the knitting factory- and this persistent and very lucky girl had the privilege of sitting down with them for a video interview.

I arrived to the load-in doors at 3:15, where Justin, the man responsible for all goings-on back stage etc.., introduced me to Alien Warr and Tyler Lyon. By 4:30, I was sitting down in front of a camera for a very insightful interview. All three have experience mainly in rock and metal music, which is how they flawlessly incorporated rock and heavier elements to Tech’s fluid, hip-hop style lyrics. Tyler and David shared their other bands music and stories with me (which I of COURSE checked out and was blown away!), as well as the events that cause Tyler to be so intrigal on Strange Music. Alien provided a glimpse into his struggles as a drummer with a rebellious streak; and I found a very common ground with these well educated musicians in regards to music then vs now.

After 45 minutes of recorded interview as well as countless side tangents,  I was blessed enough to talk with Tyler for a couple more hours (while we walked to riverfront park to see the garbage goat) and was nearly brought to tears by this man’s insight, what he’s overcome, and what being a part of the Strange Music family has brought into his life. I’m afraid words will fail me tonight in adequately expressing the respect and admiration I have gained for these 3 amazing and genuine Psychos, as well as Aaron D Yates aka: Tech N9ne. So may I present you with an After Hours first-  a video of the highlights from the interview! I am very excited and I hope you are too- below the video you will find contact and band information for Pastorius, Tyler, and Alien. Thank you for joining me in another amazing week Lovey’s, be sure to watch the video, and check out the Halloween issue of Bella Entertainment magazine later today for my first column! See you next week, same time and place 💕



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