Sunday night Trivium played the Knit with Tremonti and Wilson, amazing night! Prior to the site I had never even heard of Wilson- but damn, they caught my attention quickly. As the opening band- they BROUGHT the show! Those guys packed the performance with so much energy it became a “sweat show” halfway through the set, and all I could think was: “Damn, THAT’S passion!” Hard, adrenalized music paired with throaty yet smooth vocals… Sign me up!

These rockers from Detroit were kind enough to sit down with me for an interview I certainly won’t soon forget. Between shots of Crown and Trivium drummer, Matt popping in, conversation went sideways more than once. I even got the inside scoop on Kevin and Cindy being back together.. No idea who they are, but I was asked to please include that in my review, along with his huge, girthy… You get the idea, lmao.

Joking and tangents aside however, we were definatly able to get to the heart of their driving force. Wilson has been together for about 7 years now- writing and performing bold music that’s not afraid to piss anyone off. They embody a “take no shit” attitude that calls everyone else to do the same, especially clear in their recent releases “Right to Rise”, and “Hang with the Devil”. Give them a listen, I can’t stop 🙂


That’s a wrap for this week Lovey’s! Join me tomorrow on Spungo International Radio from 11am- 2pm for lots of announcements, ticket giveaways, and my top 12 song picks! Goodnight!



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