Last week I mentioned a band from Central Washington called Thunderhound. Well, Thursday night I had the privilege of meeting up with them (well, 3 out of 5 ain’t bad! Yes, I said “ain’t”.) at the Tav in Ellensburg, for my FIRST out of town interview! 🙂 Liam, Tony, and Ryan sat down with me to give me an exclusive look at their chaotically unpredictable performances, and needless to say- I was impressed.


First off, they had nothing but great things to say about Spokane and how well recieved they are at every venue! That says a lot, considering they’ve played in Seattle as well as Portland- so once again, cheers Spokane, for doing it right! Now getting back to thier performance- as I mentioned last week, Thunderhound was a crowd pleaser at Thunder & Lightnings boobs n music spectacular- but why? Well personally, I found myself to be captivated not only by their bold lyrics, but primarily by their stage presence. As I stated, they had stage presence for days, and what I mean by that, is they performed with the energy and excitement as though they were playing for an arena full of people- even though at the time there was just a handful of people present in the crowd. THAT type of commitment undeniably showcases a genuine love for performing and even more so, a genuine determination for giving the crowd the best show that they possibly can.


When I asked about their on-stage chemistry with Thunder and Lightning, their reply was quick:

“We LOVE those guys!”

I can certainly see why- considering the similarities in musical stylings… In OTHER similarities, Thunderhound was inspired by the boobs n music spectacular, stating that they are considering something similar in their own home town- obviously, these guys are some of the good ones.


These guys have been around for a while, but due to member changes and well as the obstacle of being from a very small college town- have only been able to record one track so far: “Say Hello”. It’s everything I hoped it would be- crude, blunt, catchy, and worthy of blasting in your car driving down the road. Now for the bittersweet news: Thunderhound has played their last show for several months, HOWEVER- this is because they are heading into the studio to lay down some killer tracks and record their first full length album, and two EP’s to assault our ear drums with. I, for one, can hardly wait to add Thunderhound to my vastly growing cd collection of epic local musicians! For the time being, however, you can check them out at


Well Lovey’s, that’s a wrap for this entry in the After Hour Diaries. We are just a week away from my first co-hosting slot on Spungo International! The show airs live on the 21st, and I will be posting links a few days prior. I’m excited to say that there will be lots of amazing surprises you WON’T want to miss on “Driving Miss Daisy”- so stay tuned, goodnight!



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