Thunder and lightning’s boobs n music spectacular


In October of 2005, I lost my Great-Grandmother to breast cancer. In August of 2009, I lost my Mother-in-law to the same disease. Both were amazing women who have had a huge impact on my life- so it goes without saying that breast cancer awareness and research is a cause that is near and dear to my heart. This weekend at The Viking, Thunder and Lightning hosted an all-day benefit to raise money for that very cause, so guess where I was? That’s right, at The Viking- and what better way to mark my 30th review in After Hour Diaries, then writing about something so amazing?


Ken Wolcott and Co. was at the ready with his screen printing set up, ready to make custom event shirts by the order (I absolutely adore mine) and the always-friendly staff at the Viking was providing amazing food, beverages and service for all in attendance. Then- we have the bands…


The line up was incredible- There were a few of my personal favorites, like The Broken Thumbs, and Invasive- as well as a few bands from Seattle that I previously hadn’t had the privilege of hearing, like The Adarna and Witchburn. Another crowd favorite was Thunderhound- a VERY energetic group from Central Washington that had stage presence for days! I can honestly say that I only had TWO disappointments: Evolved, and Death By Pirates. What was disappointing? The fact that they aren’t together anymore and playing in our regular scene! They were a pleasure to see and hear perform 🙂 *fan-girl moment*


Thunder and Lightning capped the night off by joining forces with I Hate This City for a rendition of Rage Against The Machine’s Killing In The Name- where they were joined by many of the nights previous performers. This event was just one of many examples proving how tightly knit the musical community really is- not only in Spokane, but throughout the entire inland Northwest, and not just with each other, but with our community as a whole! Take into account travel costs, production costs, venue rental, stage and equipment, security, etc.; in order to put on an event like this.. ALL of that (normally factored in to cover charge/ticket sales) was DONATED, by MANY extraordinary people for the sole purpose of raising money for an amazing cause- to help members of our community have a better chance at finding a cure for a disease that plagues everyone it touches.


A very special “Thank you” needs to be said to Zach Wirchak, Bryan Albrandt, Krista Christofferson, Steven Barclay, Jeff Angel, Ken Wolcott and Chris Tenaka- who’s time, dedication, hard work, and loving hearts (ummm… I mean ruthless METAL hearts…) made this event possible- spectacular spectacle of boobs n music!

That’s a wrap for week 30 Lovey’s! I’ll see you next week, same time and place!



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