The Nixon Rodeo: Relentless


Back in April I was invited to Amplified Wax Studio to sit in on a recording session for Relentless. Nixon’s 3rd studio album- was under way.  I joined Ethan Harrison- Nixon’s well known shirtless drummer- as he laid down vocals for “Found me in team”, and I’ve been eagerly awaiting this release ever since. This weekend was their much anticipated two day release party at the Big Dipper- and IT WAS AWESOME!


   Friday night kicked off with The Backups, Done Epidemic, and Windowpane- Saturday continued with Moretta, Free the Jester, and Breakdown Boulevard followed by Nixon Rodeo closing both nights. As you can imagine, the boys were pretty busy- but Saturday night I had the chance to talk to them one on one about this album and what it means for them.


Although it’s their 3rd album, this is their first time collaborating as a full band, start to finish. In a big way, Relentless is similar to thier family album- sharing with you the ups and downs, but telling you that they made it through, and so can you. This weekend was a big celebration like I have never seen before; it was so much more than a CD release- it was the local musical community sharing in joy and appreciation together. One very large voice from the small people shouting out that we can’t and won’t be stopped- we will make music, play, and sing- and never give that up. Which is exactly what the boys of Nixon Rodeo WANT you to feel. So buy the album, blast it in your car- be motivated and inspired by it. Celebrate your accomplishments and step over all your obstacles, because that IS Nixon Rodeo.


Goodnight again Lovey’s, I’ll be back next week same time and place!



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