Recap/ prep for Nixon release

Oh my goodness, what a week this was! The Broken Thumbs at the dipper on Thursday night, and the Pin had Thunder Knife and Concrete Grip with Element A440 Friday night, then Blistered Earth with Soblivios on Saturday… Whew! I’m STILL exhausted, not gonna lie, lol- but absolutely worth it. I have been once again blown away by the overwhelming amount of talent our little city is just teaming with.
Being able to actually see a Broken Thumbs performance live was very fulfilling for me- they not only lived up to, but exceeded expectations. Considering all the technical aspects of their music I wasn’t sure how this set would sound live, but I must say: nailed it!

Concrete Grip brought all the energy, intensity and aggression I was hoping for- having waited since March to see them play. I’m going to leave it at that until I am able to sit down with the guys for an anticipated interview. 😁

Element A440 took me by complete surprise! I didn’t know what to expect at all since I hadn’t ever heard them. Frontman Halo has seriously killer vocals with powerful lyrics, and I have already made arrangements to talk with them as well- so you’ll be able to read their full review coming up before too long.

Soblivios really got the crowd pumped up and moving with thier performance on Saturday. Great intro into the set, and they certainly maintained a high level of kicking ass through the entirety of their show. Can’t wait to see them again when the play! the 2b2 trick or treat show at the Knit on Halloween night!

Then there was Blistered Earth. In case you don’t know of them, they are a tribute band to Metallica. VERY well done performance. Each song sounded phenomenal and as it was meant to, which I guarantee was no easy accomplishment.

Alright Lovey’s, that’s the conclusion of this week’s recap- now I’ve got to rest up in preparation for the 2 day Nixon Rodeo cd release extravaganza!!! Friday AND Saturday night at the dipper- can’t wait to see you all there!



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