The Project Kings


Don’t ever judge a book by its cover. I can’t think of a better way to prove that than this band; these guys hit you hard where it counts and won’t stop until you’re left begging for more. At first glance, The Project Kings may not look like your typical hard core rock band- until they begin to play. With musical influences like Head PE, Black Sabbath, Deaftones, and Body Count- the Kings have really prepared a set list that has something relatable for everyone to rock out to.

Now don’t take that lightly! This isn’t something that has come easily for The Project Kings, they have truly struggled and faught to build something together. Between their families, careers, and countless other time constraints- it is nothing short of a miracle for this group of musicians to be in the same place at the same time. I have witnessed this first hand as it’s taken two months of phone tag and planning to even be able to sit down for an interview- though very much worth the wait. So if it’s so hard for them, why do they even bother? As Hennessey and Brandon put it: “we are down with the people that feel small.” They want to raise the flag and unite, stand for a purpose.  Every day life brings struggles to each and every individual out there. People are tired, drained- PK is a refresher. Here to motivate, celebrate, and rebel against the bull shit. Sometimes life gets you down, sure- but it’s not over until its over.

There is a lot of energy put into each performance, and their stage presence should definatly be noted. I’ve watched PK live three times now as they have worked the crowd and pumped everyone up until they are just dripping with sweat. THAT’S dedication, and nothing short of what they feel we deserve.
Matt, Paul, Brandon, Hennessey, and Niwahno wanted to make sure to  include George Silva and Terry Grove- whom they wouldn’t be here without. I gotta say PK brings so much more than just musical talent- they obviously bring the heart as well by including everyone around them in what that they present/ represent on stage as well as off. They are the partiers, the villains, the voice advocating- they are us. Thank you boys for the very enlightening look into your world, it was unforgettable!

Alright Lovey’s I’ll be back next week with more insight into our local scene, next week same time and same place- good night!



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