Broken thumbs


“What is it that you want to portray to your audience with your music?” This is one of the questions I asked on Saturday when Braedon invited me to interview The Broken Thumbs, who he is the guitarist for. ‘Bandgineer’ Kelton (commonly known as dj Daethstar) responded by saying:

“We want the audience to feel emotion.”

“… That emotion, IS party.” You know what? It works! We either party to celebrate, or we party to forget- and their newest release: Laying Low- embodies both. The lyrics start out showcasing the flawed concept in society that we need to conform to political ideals, then get lost in the shuffle. Undeniably this inspires a very heavy feeling in the listener- which is quickly replaced with a restless energy as the song continues: “It’s in the air we breathe
It’s in the water we drink
It’s in the life that you let go”.
About now, you start getting pumped up and ready for action- but with no idea what to even do!
The music flows into a very calm and soothing melody and slows-almost to a stop… Wait for it… Boom! Back to the energy at full speed, capping it off with a motivating chant:
“There’s got to be a better way
I know there is
We have laid low long enough”.
The Broken Thumbs are much like this song, with a multitude of aspects sown together like a patchwork quilt; and just as carefully constructed, resulting and in a beautiful work of art. Having the opportunity to sit with the guys and conduct my interview, gave me a look at how much heart and soul has already been fused into this project. In hearing the way each member talked, and the glinting light in their faces- the words that Ryan, percussionist, said rang true: “Being in a band is very much like a relationship, you’re married to it.”
You get back just as much as you put in, and it is a constant effort that you never stop pouring yourself into. Find them. Watch them, hell- stalk them (no, not really- DON’T do THAT!), but DEFINATLY pay attention because there is so much more to come from The Broken Thumbs.

Goodnight again Lovey’s! I’ll be back again next week, same time and place!



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