What do we take for granted? Venues. And not just the venues, but the people who make these venues possible for us week in and week out. Security staffing, beverage and hospitality, food, janitorial maintenance, management..  Each and every event we attend has been prepared for us by these people and will be restored afterwards so that we may again have a place to gather together and enjoy music collectively. While every night a new crowd forms, the venue stays advertently the same- One might say there’s a mutual gathering of forever appreciation amongst whoever attends these events and the hardworking individuals who make it all possible.

One particular venue I would like to look at, is the Big Dipper. I’ve attended many shows here, hell- conducted my first interview there in the ally that will forever be deemed “Sin ally”. I’ve never had anything but great experiences here, with a very friendly and hard working staff, an always clean environment, and prompt service.

Of course, they wouldn’t be able to make that possible without a loyal patronage, which illustrates how much we need to help each other in this industry. Just a little food for thought..Give yourself a pat on the back if you know you are a healthy contributor to the very thing that keeps this shit alive!

That is all for this week Lovey’s, short and sweet- however next week I will have another exciting interview for you, back on track!



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