Free Bird

So this week I’ve taken it easy- about once a month or so (you’ll notice a pattern) I write about something other than a band. This helps me stay on track, regroup, and prevents me from getting too lost amongst all of the amazing projects I have lined up.  This is also a great opportunity for me to call some respectful attention to all of the wonderful people behind the music, so to speak. Today, while I was lost in thought- mentally putting together tonight’s post, Free Bird started playing on my playlist. As my attention turned towards Lynyrd Skynyrd’s phenomenal guitar riffs and Ronnie Van Zant’s soothing vocals, it hit me..

With each interview I’ve conducted, it’s continued to blow my mind that these younger generations of musicians all list some the industries greatest as inspirations for their careers. I always feel a sense of pride that these young rockers have actually studied our true roots- the founding fathers of rock and the era that changed music forever.. We can all think back to our childhood and recall the soundtrack of our youths: the revolutionary 70’s (and in my case, the iconic 80’s) and the way we felt when we heard Stevie Nicks’ beautiful voice singing Dreams or Landslide, Hotel California by the Eagles, or Queen’s Somebody To Love.  Nearly 40 years later and this generation of music is STILL iconic and impacting the formation of music today.

I want to know- if you could pick ONE song that timelessly pumps through your veins and moves you from beginning to end EVERY TIME you hear it, what song would it be? Personally, mine is Harry Chapin- Cats In The Cradle. Without fail, a plethora of emotions follow through me the moment I hear even a portion of it!

This week is a wrap Lovey’s, may we all take some time to pay our respects and re-live the music that has paved the way for the last 40 years. I hope to see you all at the Knit this weekend! Project Kings are playing, and my boys Helldorado are kicking off their tour as well- what better way then starting with your home town?! Let’s send them out with a bang Spokane! Goodnight 🙂



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