Sin Circus

So, this week I did something different- I watched the band, interviewed them, then watched them again- three days later, on the other side of the state at hempfest! I’m glad I did. These boys were AWESOME. Full of energy and life- excited to perform as well as excited to meet the fans..

Sin Circus first caught my attention when they played last Thursday night at the Big Dipper. They were very charismatic- interacting with each other as well as with the crowd, they were obviously performing FOR the audience. They maintained a very positive and high energy vibe through their entire set, (which I personally felt to be infectious to those watching) and delivered very smooth melodic vocals to compliment hard instrumentals. In particular, I really enjoyed the way they wrote their song “coming clean”- minimal instrumentals building up to full band, with strong lyrics. I would also like to point out how nicely they pay tribute to the greats of the past with their range of covers; the boys give each one their own twist, without changing the songs we’ve known for years into something unrecognizable. I would imagine that much of this ability, as well as respect, comes from the bands roots..

Sin Circus’ line up is composed of:
Devon Unger- guitar/back up vocals
Derrick Unger- Bass/lead vocals
Matt Zazula- guitar
Chase Hite- drums
Which they’ve had for 3 out of the bands 6 years, with Steve Unger- Metal Church’s bass player, guiding the way as general manager. This certainly explains a little bit of the boys’ musical influences, as well as vast knowledge and genuine respect for the industry!

In talking with the boys, I was able to find out that they share a love of rock and metal from the 80’s (which was especially impressive since they are all in their late teens and early 20’s) and have been playing for a majority of their lives. I must emphasise: don’t let their youth influence you, there is no generation gap to be had here! The boys of Sin Circus have been very well educated and deliver accordingly- not only with their theatrical performance on stage, but with their refined talent behind it. By no means is this a young cover group trying to ride the shirt tails of generations past- it would be more accurate to describe them as musicians of the past reincarnated into our youth. Don’t believe me? Go see them live- for shit sakes, I did, TWICE!

That wraps it up this week Lovey’s- as always I’ll be back next week, same time and place.



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