I love explaining reason
but only if you love to cry…
go on now keep on talking.
I will find a blatant lie

I’ve waited long enough
I’m here to cross the line..
I know that this is your intent, to be using all these broken hearts as product placement-
You know that it’s not half as bad as you make it seem. through a constant stream
of ‘Life isn’t beautiful’

Well, life may not be beautiful at times, but those lyrics certainly ARE!! Not to mention powerful as hell! So who wrote the song that has had me under its spell for a few months? Easily placed in the top FIVE of my google plays most played songs…Are you ready for this!? It is our very own: Moretta. I very vividly remember the night Riley got the CD, we opened it up and played it right there in the car and I’ve been mind fucked ever since. Every song is lyrically heavy, rich with thought provoking and meaningful context; complimented by a collaboration of instrumentals that tell a story all on their own. Merged together you’re left with a thing of beauty.

Recently I was able to meet up with they guys of Moretta for an in depth look into the story behind their full length debut album. Like myself and most of my generation, Moretta wasn’t expected or planned- but rather a biproduct of the infamous thought “that sounds fun, sure! Why not..?” Yay for happy accidents!!! So, it all began with one man. We shall call him Joe. He stated that once the pen hit the paper, track after track just poured out. Before anyone could process what had started- a full length album was set in motion.  It wasn’t long before he found the dedicated and eager Kc Maretto on drums, followed by the beautifully bearded and unpredictable Zack Wyrchic on guitar, then finally completed by the Stroker Ace on the bass- Connor. As with anything in life, the week leading up to the full band’s first gig was a scramble- but with each member of the group giving their solid commitment and drive to deliver the best performance they could for the fans- perscision, technique, and everything else locked into place just in time.

In a mere moment, Moretta hasn’t just gotten MY attention, but has stirred up quite the buzz around the scene, and they are just getting warmed up. In just a few days from now, these guys are going to light the fuel to set the scene ablaze. On Friday August 14, Moretta will be opening for the next installment of GA’s Too broke to rock concert series at the Knit, following which on August 22 ,they’re on the line up for Octopalooza, and you’ll also be able to catch them performing at the Big Dipper for Nixon Rodeos upcoming album release party (details coming soon). However, it doesn’t stop there either- Joe sent me the coolest present today- it was a link- and I got the honor of listening to what’s coming next…

Pending the approval from Warner Bros studios, Moretta plans to release a cover song in September. Having listened to it myself (a LOT) today I will say that I didn’t see this song coming. My jaw hit the floor and dare I say- Moretta fucking killed it. It’s so perf, I just can’t even..
That’s it for this week’s review Lovey’s- we’ve got 2b2r on Friday, and I’ll be heading to hempfest in Seattle for the rest of the weekend! See you next week, same time same place!



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