I had a pretty busy night planned Friday night- I had shows at the Knit, The Big Dipper, and The Checkerboard. With countless talent to see, my dial tuned in and froze at The Checkerboard, on The Convalescence. This five-piece metal band from Ohio had been on tour for 105 days solid- and luckily chose to celebrate here in Spokane, with us. I was outside while the band was setting everything up, so I wasn’t paying attention, until…
*Oh that aggressive thunderous wave of sound tho!*
You already know- they got me! Hook, line and sinker. As I ventured back inside toward the stage I began to see everything that was happening on stage, and that’s when the wtf’s started. I kinda just tilted my head to the right, eyebrow raised- and slowly (as I picked my jaw up off of the floor) began to just smile.

Perhaps to some, my enthusiasm may be silly, or naïve (which I’m totally okay with), but I’m pretty new to the scene and have never seen anything like this before: in addition to the typical drums, guitar and bass- was a woman playing the fucking keyboard. o.0  Sooo now to the bass player-who just so happens to be playing with one hand. No- not USING one hand. Only HAS one hand and is STILL playing!! *jaw promptly returns to the floor* Now the frontman  summons everyone up to the stage saying: “Nobody leaning up against the fucking bar, this is a god damn metal show- get off your ass. We came all the way across the country for you, you can come across the fucking bar for us. So, come bang your heads with us let’s have some mother fucking fun!” Pretty hard to argue with that logic…

Admittedly though, I hesitated in joining the crowd in front due to my being child-like in size (and the fear of being trampled by the enthusiastic mashers who are all bigger than me) but the one known as “The Merch Goblin” (Icer Z Rose) stuck his arm out to block/bounce back other crowd goers that were heading my way ^_^ Seriously, thank you!
The show continued, and Convalescence performed a theatrical show worthy of the Knit, but for the much smaller stage of The Checkerboard. Afterwards I was able to sweet talk the group into a quick interview before they got back on the road for a 21-hour drive to Denver- during which they stated that they really try to make sure to give the “concert experience” at every performance- drawing inspiration from Alice Cooper, Slipknot and Marilyn Manson to name a few. But never settling to be the band on stage in matching blue jeans, whose performance you can replicate by playing their c.d. at home. I asked them if looking back to when they were kids if they would be one of the posters on their own bedroom walls- proudly, they said yes.

But there’s so much more than just metal to this killer five-sum though! Ranging in backgrounds anywhere from classical music to the great Ted Nugent- Convalesce is a well rounded collaboration of passionate, genuine, and talented musicians who deserve to be heard. They have already been here three times, and definatly plan to return soon, so watch for them! That’s a wrap Lovey’s! I’ve got something I’m pretty excited about for you next week- same time same place! 😉



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