Band mom’s

Each week I talk about a band or a musician, and how hard they work to achieve their goals. It dawns on me though- what about their wives or girlfriends? Their moms? And their kids? Well this week, I shed a little light on what is like to be along for this wild ride.

Momma D is one hell of a spitfire, which you would have to be with a son like Jason, frontman and bassist for metal band Soblivios. I had the pleasure of spending some time with her this weekend and she definatly kept me on my toes, that’s for sure.

So I’m sitting there, and out of the blue, Momma D says to me- “You should interview ME.” I just turned my head and looked at her, curious… “You know, ask me questions about what it’s like to have a rock star for a son.” .. Hmmm…well, okay then. So she tells me this story about how she was at one of Jason’s concerts and she asks him how does she know when to jump in and join the mash pit. “You DON’T Mom” he tells her.. Well, she thought a mash pit was just a big dance circle- harmless- so she decided to jump in anyways. Poor Momma D got squished, pummeled, slammed into… You name it! “You should have SEEN all the bruises I got- I even got a gash on my shin and was BLEEDING!” She laughed with pride.
Watching her face light up as she told me that story made me realize something: the families of all our band members are the TRUE ‘unsung heroes’ as one might say. They too pour blood sweat and tears into every album, each concert, and they are right there along side the bands working tirelessly behind the scenes- all while cheering with the crowds as the bands most dedicated fans.

Not only am I lucky enough to know several band wives- many of whom I am quite close with- but having dated a band member for a little while,  I can honestly say that I have seen first hand just how stressful it really is; Taking on each defeat and heart ache as though it were your own, and swelling up with excitement and pride to the point of tears when you watch your band giving their best and nailing it! Each and every one of the wives, girlfriends, sisters, moms, dads, best friends, brothers, and kids of our band members have been invisible for too long, under appreciated and unrecognized. It would be ignorant and offensive to assume they don’t know or understand what the band feels or goes through- for they pray just as hard at night, they are outraged when you don’t get the time slot you deserved, they jump up and down ecstatically when you finish the new song- they are there in the studio and on set for video production, they make phone calls pricing out merch, and scour Craigslist for the busted ass creeper van with one tail light missing (cause its all you can afford) to transport all the band equipment to gigs… So a special thank you tonight, for all of those unsung heroes, without whom our favorite band mates wouldn’t have made it this far.
Well that’s a wrap for this entry, Lovey’s- but as always I will be back next week, same time and place! Goodnight all ^_^



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