Vial 8/All Age Rage


My, how time fliesTonight marks my 20th After Hour Diaries review! Weeeeelllll, what’s more fitting than a weekend-long music festival to celebrate (that’s right, I’m talking about the 3rd annual All Age Rage)?? How about a weekend-long music festival plus Vial 8?!

First, I want to start off by commending the Viking for a very well put together event- the multi-stage set up was perfectly placed, the service and staff were terrific, and that line-up! Next, I would like to thank the bands that traveled from Portland, Seattle, and other long distances just to play for us, especially with this heat! Now there are a few key highlights I would like to talk about. For MONTHS I have been waiting to see The Fail Safe Project, as well as The Project Kings perform live- can I just fan-girl a little bit here and say it was worth the wait and I wasn’t disappointed? Project Kings carried a strong energy and stage presence through their entire set, encouraging a lot of participation from the crowd, and finished with a merch giveaway. They also made a point of the crowd giving applause and cheering for the other acts, lord knows I’m a sucker for bands supporting each other ^_^ 
Then we our head liners: The Fail Safe Project.  Ah, Jimmy Nuge- you sir, are as lively on stage as you are off of it, carrying that fearless and delightful stage presence wherever you go- jolly good show. ^_^ By no means do I want to forget the rest of the band either- strong collaboration there with a lot of playful interaction during the performance. The Fail Safe Project TRULY puts on a show.

There are countless more things I could talk about, but I’m going to sum up the All Age Rage by saying that everyone brought their “A” game and put on a phenomenal show. Now I would like to talk about Vial
8. Two weeks ago I saw these guys at the Big Dipper and I was intrigued.  Right away these guys were more than willing to sit down for an interview right there in Sin Ally.

Vial 8 is composed of:
Jeff Mark on guitar and lead vocals
Chris Chalmers on lead guitar
Roger Crozier on bass
And Mike Paz on drums

The first thing that stands out from the interview was that this group of guys have been playing music for over 30 years! The experience definatly shows in their skill, however I was stunned by this number given their energy as well as the fact that they sure don’t look old enough to have 30 years under their belts! Jeff’s vocal skills really shined with his ability to match the original artist in a few of their covers, which isn’t always so easy to do.. Chris blew me away with his focus on stage, as well as his eager enthusiasm to talk about music. Mike, although the newest to the group, was definatly on the same wavelength as the rest of the guys and brought just as much on stage and off. Roger had great energy on stage, and brought a ‘quiet’ but solid presence to the mix- along with a lot of insightful wisdom 😉 All in all, their goal is to portray a confident (but not pretensous) and focused image to the stage, and always to give their very best for the audience with a genuine love of what they do. Check them out, I’m sure glad that I did. Alright Lovey’s, that’s a wrap for tonight but I’ll be back next week, same time and place as always!



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