Zach Vaudreuil


Hey Lovey’s!  Before I begin, i would like you to click this link and watch the video:

Hands Like Houses – I Am – Drum Cover:

…k, Damn! Right? Recognize this guy? That would be Free The Jester‘s very own Zach Vaudreuil. Now 20 years old, he’s been playing drums for just over 3 years, and this is his new video covering the drums in “I am”, a new release by hands in houses. Personally, I am quite impressed with this young Drummers talent, enthusiasm, energy, and motivation; so I asked him to sit down with me to give his reason behind the cover and explain the process to me.


For Zach (who practices every single day), not only is this a fun side project, but also a good way to get his name out there and hopefully recognized- choosing this cover in particular because it’s a lot of fun to play and a new release, therefore plenty of people will be looking it up. I asked Zach to break down what was involved in the making of this cover video.


Amazingly enough, it only took a couple of weeks to learn and master the song, following which he was able to record the audio track in only a couple of takes. Once Production perfected the track, cameras were brought in to shoot the video (roughly 5 takes) and the studio engineer brought it all together while working with Zach to attain the right showcasing of his drum skills. 10 days-2 weeks later the final product was ready to publish-and viola! The second in a long list of videos to come.


Zach was pleased to announce that he has signed a 6-month contract with identity studios to produce 2 drum covers a month, starting August 1 of this year. Fans can expect to look forward to songs by Pierce The Veil, Outline In Color, Killswitch Engage, and Attila... So subscribe to his youtube channel to be notified as he uploads each new video.

So, who was at the Big Dipper on Friday night? Holy…. Angi Terry organized one hell of a line up: Zero Down, Blame Shifter, Vial 8, and my boys Helldorado-all building up to Banish The Echo taking the stage for their very FIRST headlining show! *They ABSOLUTELY KILLED it BTW, with a performance that was honestly the most on-point, fluid and uniform I have ever seen them- and a fierce stage presence befitting a headlining band. ^_^ Proud of the Banish boys*

Be back next week Lovey’s, same time same place- I’ll be sharing the conversation i was able to have with Vial 8 after their set Friday night- and I hope to see you all at the All age Rage this coming Friday and Saturday down at the Viking! If you don’t have tickets they’re available at




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