Steven Jaimz


If you’re in Spokane’s local music scene, then you’re firmilliar with the name Steven Jaimz. He’s played guitar and/or bass for some amazing bands, including: Invasive, Helldorado, Habit Militia, Fuze, Second Life, and Thirty-Three. Recently though, this local musical treasure informed me that he may consider his retirement from the scene, and I feel a civic duty to make sure he’s reminded of just what he contributes to the musical community we hold dear.
In truth- some may say Steven Jaimz has an ego, some may even say he’s a ‘wash’, but I’ve invested the time into getting to know him not only as a musician, but as a friend- and I don’t give a fuck what anyone else says because that man’s as genuine as they come. I’ve listened for hours as he’s talked about music with an intensity I can only compare to watching someone speak in colors. He inspires, captivates, and through his words and delivery I am able to understand the way music translates for him.

Say what you will, but it is undeniable that the essence of music flows through Steven’s veins just as legitimately as the blood it’s attached to. No matter where he’s is at, you’ll often find a guitar in his hand as he plays from memory a variety of classics, as well as newer songs. When he isn’t playing or singing music, he’s expanding my musical pallet by introducing me to musicians that have inspired him, pointing out his favorite riffs, lyrics, and collaborations with the excitement of a child on Christmas morning.  That being said, how could I NOT try to talk him out of it??

I would like to think that many in the industry will feel the impact of his loss, as they well should- we are losing someone who lives and breathes the very passion we all talk about- someone who isn’t afraid to lead, to teach, to admire and support others. You don’t even have to take MY word for it- his endorsement deals with B.C. Rich guitars as well as Matrix Amplification U.K. should speak for themselves. I did a little digging into Stevens musical past and was delighted to see so much positive feedback from his very own following! Comment after comment praising his solo projects, fans excited to see what his newest ventures would produce, genuine appreciation for his creative skills and talent. If you are in Spokane’s musical community and you DON’T know the name Steven Jaimz- then you better start your research because you can’t get very far ahead without knowing the way back. Steven Jaimz, don’t ever forget the value you have, or the admiration and love you have earned. There will indeed be a hole in our hearts where your presence used to be- but may greatness follow you on your next journey, simply because I don’t believe in talent wasted when is held by someone true.

On that note, I want to remind everyone that THIS Friday Banish The Echo will be HEADLINING at The Big Dipper, playing along with Helldorado, Vial 8, Zero Down, and Blame Shifter! ^_^ show starts at 7:30 and tickets are $5 ADV $7DOS. I hope to see everyone there to be a part of this big night!
Alright Lovey’s- next week, same time, same place!



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