The Red Paintings

The Red Paintings. WOW, what a show!! Saturday night after hoopfest I took a unique opportunity to be a “human canvas” and get painted from head to toe for a live painting on STAGE during a show at the Big Dipper. Sounds a little off the wall to you too?? BEST random choice EVER, lol.


Unfortunately, as one of the canvases on stage, and wearing a large head dress and ear plugs, I was unable to hear much of the show- so I you tube stalked them and was left speechless… The Red Paintings are the baby of Trash McSweeney, their Australian frontman, and include Bassist Ginny Eck , Violinist Alix Kol, Cellist Emma Baker and Drummer Hiroshi Kamosita . As it happened, I had the pleasure of visiting with the members during prep for the show, they were all so friendly and easy going-until in costume. At that point I could actually feel the shift as their stage presence took over and it was a little intimidating but captivating- and not at all in a bad way-but in the sense that you didn’t want to take your eyes off of them out of wonderment.


Since I myself couldn’t SEE the show, I asked audience members what they thought afterwords and here are some of the responses:

“I don’t know what just happened, but it was awesome!”

We never get to have anything like that in Spokane”
“That was fucking crazy sick!”

The only negative feedback I gathered, was that some of the set was difficult to hear due to some technical difficulties, but otherwise phenomenal!


I’m sure by now your curious about their sound? Well, is absolutely different than anyone else I’ve reviewed, or even HEARD for that matter, lol. The melody is smooth, soothing and mellow.. The lyrics-the same. Vocals? Captivating, comforting almost.. Relaxing.. But not in the way that puts you to sleep, in the way that melts your life’s stress away while simultaneously leaving you refreshed and filled with an eager confidence. It’s SO unique, that I can’t even give a metaphor! (Seriously tho-has THAT ever happened before?! HELL no! Lol) her are some links, check out their page and pictures, then hit youtube for their album entitled The Revolution Is Never Coming. DO IT. Next week, same time and place Lovey’s!
“People create an album and life, I created a life around an album”- Trash McSweeney



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