A Music Festival to be rivaled

Wow, what a busy month we’re having! This past week alone we had Mercy Brown (the subject of my very first review!! ^_^) headlining at the knit (which I was thrilled with, by the way love you guys, you still kick ass!) the night before the much anticipated stateline music festival. I know I’ve made this statement before, but it once again fits- if you weren’t there, you missed out!! We had Unconfined, Anti hero, and Mechanism all travel quite a ways just to play play for us- and I was incredibly impressed with each set. With all the exciting activity of the day I was only able to visit briefly with each of them, but I will say this: I WILL be looking to sit with each in the hopefully near future, it would be a pleasure to conduct a proper interview!


Some of our local highlights include the exciting premier of Banish the Echo’s new song: The Breakdown, which introduces a much heavier and powerful sound than we have seen from the boys. I see a lot of promise with their new direction and look forward to the progression. Free the Jester hit us with two very well played covers: Green Days Basket Case , as well as Scotty Doesn’t Know- I’m not gonna lie, I was jumping around and loving every minute! Elephant Gun Riot surprised us with lady gaga’s Bad Romance and killed it, we even had a toddler start mashing, lmao!


What about the nights headliners? None other than the boys of Invasive, with former lead guitarist Ryan taking the stage again. They presented a strong set, and revved the crowd with the cover favorite, Rebel Yell. All in all, the hot weather seemed to go unnoticed by everyone, we were too busy throwing metal hands in the air and singing along! And a HUGE thank you to Cruisers for hosting the event, and providing great quality service, food and drinks, and an enjoyable atmosphere to ice the cake ^_^ An amazing job but EVERYONE who worked hard to pull this off, I will DEFINITELY be back next year. Signing off so I can go pack for Lawless in Seattle this weekend….next week same time, same place Lovey’s!



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