KC Marotta

At just 19 years old, KC Marotta has already been the drummer in three sperate bands- joining the first one just 4 years ago at 15. Upon reading this I can see how you may question if he’s that good, or if his dedication is lacking. Sunday afternoon I was invited to the filming of KC’s newest drumming video- well I’ll be damned, he’s just that good. (By now I’m sure you all know how much I love descriptive metaphors) Watching KC Marotta on stage for a few hours… Imagine Animal (muppets drummer) after snorting a line of coke and slamming 2 red bulls: highly entertaining partnered with comical, fascinating, and endless energy.


Off stage? Kind of a 180°, still have some comedy, but KC was pretty mellow and almost a bit shy when it came to talking about himself- and he’s incredibly nice BTW. We of course went over my normal questions, but for whatever reason, this kid had me delving a bit more in depth into his musical journey thus far. KC laughed when I asked about his musical influences growing up and admitted that his dad loved classic rock, but he often listened to his older sisters music, like *giggle*  the Backstreet Boys. He also shared that he’s been playing music since he was pretty young, including jazz band and wind, but he picked up drumming after inheriting a professional drum set when his uncle passed away- and told me drums were surprisingly more complex then one would think.


His first band was a cover band playing a lot of ZZ Top and Rush, but he was also able to write tracks. Roughly 27 tracks later, he plays in Moretta with Joe Paisley (as I said, he’s that good lol). The hardest parts of this journey with Moretta were finding the two remaining band members Connor and Zack, and only having a couple of weeks to prepare for their first show. KC loves it though, saying “I’m an entertainer”, he wants people to have fun when they watch, it’s supposed to be an escape from life’s stressors for a bit… Nailed it!
There is definitely more to come Lovey’s, my spidy senses are telling me that this is just the beginning of KC Marotta…


Same time and place next week! I’m ALREADY excited for it 🙂 LOTS of big stuff coming up over the next month- this Saturday cruisers is hosting a special treat, Invasive will be playing their first show with their newest member! Joining them on stage are my boys from Banish The Echo, will be a show you DON’T want to miss!!



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