Alright Lovey’s, pop quiz! What do you get when you take 4 hard core rock musicians with hearts of gold, 1 sarcastic sweetheart, 1 Mother Theresa reincarnate and throw it into the suburbs of Colbert on a beautiful Sunday afternoon? Answer: this weeks review. This week, I actually took someone incredibly dear to my heart along on an interview because it was one of her dreams to someday meet the local band Helldorado in person. Briefly, I’ll expand on that- Karen Kurtz is in the middle of giving cancer an ass whopping like it can’t believe, so she doesn’t have much regular time or energy at her disposal. Any chance that she’s able she supports our local boys from Invasive, Helldorado, and Thirion X by sharing their posts and music, sometimes even making it down to the knit for shows! Since the shows are so late though, she’s always had to leave before Helldorado.

Well, since the boys were already in my sights, I called them up and seized the opportunity! It brought Karen SO MUCH joy and excitement, and the boys were truly honored- I seriously felt like Oprah for the day, it was amazing. We spent over 3 insightful, comical hours conversing with Helldorado and another EPIC hour being quite literally in the MIDDLE of a very exclusive private concert for Karen’s first official live performance!!! Why so epic? Well let me just tell you! Lol…


For the entirety of the set I could feel every drum beat, guitar riff, bass strum, and lyric sang, coursing through my veins- the energy rushing throughout every inch of that room. Granted, the room was…fun sized.. but what I’m describing is the unmistakable, genuine passion for creating and sharing music.   This is the type of music where you can listen to the whole album straight through, time and again. Every song is part of a story told-not just with words, but also in what the music makes you feel- and it feels quite relatable, even comfortable to listen to. That’s a quality not easily achieved, especially in such a hardcore genre- yet Helldorado has done just that, and to top it off they are too humble to know it.




Dusty, Dave, Tommy and Gabe are quite well rounded in musical understanding and appreciation, and they have a very solid vision of what they want portray, and create as musicians- which I really feel has helped them get to where they are now. From the beginning, just 2 years ago in April, Helldorado has been on the same wavelength with each other, and worked as a team so efficiently, THEY don’t even know where one persons input stops and another begins- it’s just a continual fluid like motion. Beautiful. Do yourselves a favor- see Helldorado for yourselves, it’s like a euphoric mind trip for the musical soul with vibrant, momentous energy. A very special thank you to the boys for helping bring some well deserved happiness to a phenomenal woman- a reliable source tells me she STILL smiling about it! 😉 And Karen, you are truly a blessing to be around and a privilege to know, I love you gorgeous!


Lastly, I want to announce something kinda fun I decided to do for Helldorado and the other bands whom I “adopt” a sense of pride in- It will basically be a newsfeed showing band posts and concert announcements for those bands that join what I’ve deemed the Daisy-chain. 😉 More on that to follow soon!
That wraps up this weeks entry Loveys- but I will be back next week-same time same place!



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