Fan appreciation

I’ve been to the Knit, the Palemino, the Hop, the Checkerboard, Mary Janes tapp house, and the Big Dipper- each one having their own pros and cons, and each one providing a wildly different experience. However, they have one very key element in common…The fans. Without whom, the music scene would be dead in the water. These are the people who diligently come to our venues, buy our merch, get their friends pumped about the shows, start fan clubs and pages, they scream and cheer us on feeding into our dreams of being rock stars… If musical passion is our lifeblood, then surely they are the oxygen which sustains us.


 That very twinkle in the eyes that draws me to the musicians is very much present in the fan base that surrounds them, so its only fair that I recognize them as well. As a fan, I personally can say that once I talk with a band one on one, and actually get to know them on a personal level, that is when I develop a sense of attachment or protectiveness over them. Its then that I take a real pride in watching them grow and succeed as a band. Where as with the more mainstream bands, I’m still a fan, sure- but I don’t look at them as “my people”, if that makes sense. My point is, that in our local scene it TRULY IS the fans that make or break everything. The more involved the bands are with the fans the more included and valuable they feel, in turn, the more excited and loyal they become. Ultimately, isn’t that a HUGE part of why anyone is doing this to begin with??

 So I’ve stopped some random fans at the shows lately, I wanted to know how THEY felt about Spokane’s local music scene- some of the responses I received were a little surprising. Take this one for instance.. I met a gal that wasn’t from here, but used to frequent the shows here quite often. She stated that she really didn’t care for it much a few years ago, that everyone was really obviously in it for themselves and their own glory, but she’s seen a dramatic change now. Now you actually see bands supporting each other, and they are able to see the value in what everyone brings to the table. I’m happy to say that she’s now excited to frequent the shows again. I had the pleasure of chatting with a young gentleman named Jett, who turned out to be a musician himself. He stated that he finds the local scene to be very supportive, especially as a musician himself! What I found to be the most exciting part about Jett’s situation, is that he is by no means shy about what he represents- not only is he openly and proudly gay, but he is actually lead guitarist and front man for a band named “Fags”- I fucking LOVE that he owns who he is, and that Spokane has evolved enough to be accepting AND supportive! I’m not gonna lie, I’m totally beaming with pride right now 😀


On behalf of fans everywhere, THANK YOU to each and every one of the local talents that aren’t afraid to have a conversation with us, for giving a shout out to us during your sets, and for putting stuff out there that we can relate to. And on behalf of Spokane’s music scene to all you amazing and loyal fans I want to say YOU FUCKING ROCK!!! Don’t ever stop being there the way you are- we need you!
On that note Lovey’s, I’m out! As always, I will be back next week, same time and place- goodnight!


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