Free The Jester 5-19-15

If you have ever seen FTJ perform, then you already know exactly what to expect EVERY time they perform- a loud, move-your-ass mash-up of music VS Red Bull on crack, and equally as addicting. Playing songs in a variety of topics: Drugs, rehab, or maybe their Pirate song is more up your ally.. either way there is no denying that these 4 guys can please a crowd.  Thursday night FTJ opened for DOA at the Big Dipper, following which I was able to sit down with them and learn a bit more about what has lead them to this point.

How can you NOT live these guys?!

How can you NOT love these guys?!

Lead guitarist Matt shared that his biggest musical influences are August Burns Red, and Tommy the drummer of Helldorado, whereas bassist, Willis prefers the lyrical styling of Eminem. So with musical influences ranging from Johnny Cash to Nirvana, Poison to All That Remains, and Blink-182 to Iron Maiden- Free The Jester has attempted to fuse Rock, hip-hop, metal and punk as an “extension of” what they themselves like to listen to (and nailed it! ^_^). When I asked what image they are trying portray to their listeners, Matt, Cameron, Willis, and Zack all replied with a very united response: Positivity.  They want anyone to be able to come to the show and feel welcome, accepted, and just have fun “because that’s what life is all about”.

Enjoyed the beginning of DOA with this guy :)

Enjoyed the beginning of DOA with this guy 🙂

So what’s been this groups biggest obstacle so far? Now that was a bit harder for them to answer, Willis has a very relaxed mindset about it, saying “we don’t really HAVE obstacles.. We sit down, set a goal, then take things as they come. It breaks down to simplistics and a positive mindset.” Matt and Cameron felt that finding and settling into “Their” sound, then getting serious and living up to their new found expectations on the fast-track were the biggest challenges, and Zack maintains that for him, it’s tolerating Cameron 😜 lol *he clearly has a good sense of humor.

Killing it as always

Killing it as always

Ultimately, with their engaging music and genuine appreciation for their supporters- Free The Jester is a refreshing change, comparative to the more common ‘out for myself’ dog-eat-dog mindset that’s flooded our social media these days. So pretty much anytime you’re in need of a triple-shot espresso to boost your day- that’s the perfect time to pop FTJ into your cd player for an adrenaline rush that will have you ready to party in no fucking time.

Took this pic right before Erin and I got tapped and nearly trampled by DOA's mash pit- thankfully her Ol' man Willis saved us! Lol

Took this pic right before Erin and I got tapped and nearly trampled by DOA’s mash pit- thankfully her Ol’ man Willis saved us! Lol

Catch me this time next week for my latest entry, good night Lovey’s!


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