The Palamino club

The Palemino club, concert venue on Spokane’s north side- my first expirience at this location happened to be watching weekend… In a word: awesome!  I could go on and on about the headliners, but that would be silly because they certainly don’t need MY help spreading the word as to how incredible they are! However, the venue? Well, previously, I’d primarily experienced live music at the knit, downtown- along with a few other, more intimate venues- so I was unsure what to expect of this location. You know, I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised! The open area in front of the stage is ready to accommodate a decent sized crowd, while maintaining a very intimate feel with the second level of seating along the sides and rear of the pit. The house was pretty well packed, yet the Palamino was ready for it, providing bars, as well as restrooms on each floor. I never had to wait in a big line for anything, nor saw anyone else waiting for long. The staff was friendly and efficient, with experienced bartenders that kept the floor of things smooth and consistent throughout the night. I can certainly appreciate that, being a former bartender myself- keeping a large crowd happy in a timely manner is no easy feat!

The next key thing I noticed, was the sound quality. I took several videos from the show, and was completely stunned to hear.. Nonpoint?!.. I expected to hear instruments drowning out the vocals at least, and even THAT wouldn’t be too clear due to feedback etc.. But even from the very front/ right of the stage, I had clear recording quality.  I was able to hear the band just as clearly in every corner of the venue as I did up close to them- in the back, upstairs, and even above and behind them (press pass area). At one point, Elias (Nonpoint front man) even commented on how pleased they were with the Palamino club. *side note: check out my album “Nonpoint” for some of the nights great captures! And a special Thanks to Adam of Sykk Productions as well as the guys from Nonpoint for beiing such great sports t the other night, it was a blast!* 🙂 If you haven’t been able to enjoy a show here yet, there are plenty of opportunities coming up, like the 2nd annual Greefest with Free the Jester on the 24th!

There are lots of great things in the works right now- I’ve been invited to join a certain local bunch in studio this week, so be here next week when I post my exiting exclusive with them!! Also, I talked with Shaiden of Banish the Echo today, who let me know about an all day music fest coming up may 2 at the Pinnacle, ONLY $10 for live music ALL day! Looks like we’ve got some shows to see Spokane… Now, as promised…… My big announcement- on April 8, 1985 at approx 10:17am, Daisy made her grand escape into this world, and now, 30 years later I’m gonna say goodbye to the precious 20’s, and bring in my “dirty 30” like a boss!!! Come join me to celebrate out at Cruisers stateline for a very special Garaoke- with special guests Invasive and Banish the Echo doing some acoustic performances!!! The party gets into full swing at 8pm- but remember, it’s an Alice in Wonderland/Mad Hatter theme: A Very 30th Un-birthday, so feel free to have some fun and dress up! I will (of course) be dressed as Alice, can’t wait to see you all there!


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