Royal Bliss 5-13-15

Friday night… WHAT A NIGHT!! If you weren’t at the palamino, I am truly sorry for your loss- admittedly, I didn’t get there until just before Elephant Gun Riot took the stage, but there were definitely enough theatrics and hijinks to keep this girl entertained for HOURS! Some of the comical highlights include Jimmy Nudge quenching the thirst of Zack from EGR, who went on to join his band mate on the drums 🙂


Theatrics aside, I must say, Royal Bliss certainly put on quite a performance, at one point front man Neil brought the beautiful Tantric Chick on stage to wish her happy birthday and take a shot. He shared how they had met 5 years ago when they first graced spokane- and how she has been to EVERY show since, truly incredible that despite such fame they continue to value and honor their fans like that. After their set, the members of Royal Bliss made their way to the crowds center for a very intimate encore


After all was said and done at the palamino, I was lucky enough to be invited to the After party by drummer Jake. At Underground 15, I was able to interview Neil and Jake before I took them to a local treasure, the suction goat!! ^_^  Turns out Neil was a pretty big fan of Blondie as a kid, and Jake’s mom didn’t take him seriously when he said he wanted to start a band (I think it’s safe to say she does now though, lol) I could certainly go on and on about the evening, but instead I would like to invite you all to share a similar experience full of fun and adventure with me after the NEXT concert! That’s it for this week loveys- next week, same time, same place 😉 I’ll be looking for you this Thursday @the big dipper!




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