Psycho Syndicate 4-1-15


Are you a psycho? I sure as hell am! And I’m not talking about the kind my ex husband might call me, lol, I’m talking about the kind that was at the big dipper Sunday night watching none other than the amazing psycho Syndicate bust out some amazing music that had the whole house rocking for the entire 9 song set! As I looked around I saw nothing but smiles add the crowd bounced around,  obviously having one hell of a good time.  My friends and I were commenting on how they really found their sound as a band- the kind of unity that comes froma LONG time being together, adapting and tweeking until everything finally sinks up… Imagine my shock when I discovered I had just watched their SECOND SHOW EVER! WHAAAA?!… I just HAD to know… Well,  with the help of the ever-amazing Heidi (can’t even begin to thank her enough for all she did) I got the privilege of sitting down with the foursome after the show in what shall forever be known as “sin ally” to find out more… I learned that this group has only been together since October of 2014! Starting with previous bandmates Travis (bass) and Leo (drums)back in August,  then Jason found THEM and joined on guitar. Soon after,  Tiffany came in from Moses Lake with those mighty vocals to make magic happen.  I interviewed all four separately,  yet they all had the same thing to say- that from the first time they all four sat in a room together it was like the stars aligned and things just began to flow. Thus came their first two singles,  and sealed their fate.  Each has a very unique-to-themselves style they bring in and somehow they are able to maintain that while meshing it together in a way that it still sounds harmonious.

One things for sure, psycho Syndicate is a harmonious collaboration of four individual souls who are dedicated and PASSIONATE about their music in every aspect,  supporting one another’s differences- which I personally feel is exactly why they are so harmonious and all on the same wavelength ^_^ I will be posting the fun extra stuff momentarily, in the mean time,  get your ass to reverb nation and FIND THEM if you haven’t already!


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